May 05, 2005

S*, 23 May, and Madison

One probably notices that I took an extended blog vacation during late March and April. This was unannounced because I didn't plan for it. I was very busy for a couple weeks, realized I hadn't posted to either of my blogs, and decided to declare it a blog vacation. I'm back now.

I have played the S* variant quite a bit, with various groups. I've actually determined that it's not the best way of dealing with the "luck" factor associated with table position. Changing all passes to Scatter passes had an unanticipated, but noticeable, effect on the game: it became much easier to pull off a Nil or Slam. When receiving three cards from one opponent, only one person needs to notice a Nilaholic or Slam-gunner to bust him. With scatter passing, two or three opponents need to notice. So, in my view, it takes too much away from Ambition to declare all rounds Scatter rounds.

Instead, I've decided upon a different method for neutralizing the luck factor associated with table position: after the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 9th rounds, play orientation reverses. (This can be done by having players in two opposing table positions swap.) Later, I will justify this idiosyncratic rule in detail.

I will issue an updated rules document this month: my target date is Monday, 23 May. The document will be available in PDF form and will also be sent to Rules changes will, ultimately, not be substantial. Ambition is rapidly converging upon its "final form".

This fall, I will be moving to Madison, Wisconsin, for graduate school. Contact me if you live in the Madison area and would like to co-organize games and tournaments.


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