July 15, 2005

Nil tweaks

First of all, I'm now in Madison, so anyone who's interested in setting up the Ambition scene in Mad-town should contact me.

I should admit at this time that I'm considering a minor, but important, change to the rules centered around Nil scoring.

Currently, Nil scores a 24-point bonus normally, but only 16 in the case ("double Nil") where two people achieve it. The "double Nil" rule was included to use Nil as a check against people going for Nil too often. The problem is that it didn't work as I expected, and therefore it's an extra rule that doesn't seem to do much good.

Instead, it seems better to revise Nil as follows: It's a 21-point bonus, in all cases. In the double-Nil case, this is still a pretty sorry round outcome (one opponent will always do at least 13 points better) and in the single-Nil case, it still does as I had hoped: provides a fairly average round outcome to the player achieving it.

Anyone with thoughts regarding this change should contact me: ambition_game@yahoo.com .


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