February 25, 2006

Version 3.0 now available at BGG

Version 3.0 of the rules are now available at BoardGameGeek. In PDF form, they are here.


Anonymous Karthik Balakrishnan said...

This is quite off topic, but your comment on sepiamutiny:

This could be for the better for her. The novel is worse than tubgirl.

is absolutely brilliant.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Mike Church said...

Thanks. Hey, I do what I can.

I was appalled by this from the start. The premise of the novel was just stupid from the go; even if it had been well-written (and I suspect Kaavya has some talent) it would've been a cringer.

I wish someone would give me $500k to develop Ambition into a nice webgame. Can I promise that it'll be inordinately popular? No, but at least it isn't plagiarized.

Thanks for the comment.



1:54 PM  

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