July 21, 2006


The "major" announcement I promised shall be held until early August.

July 10, 2006

3.5 and time to mobilize...

Version 3.5, with very minor changes, is in the works for Ambition. This time, changes will be only to scoring and the winning/losing conditions; the essential character of the game will remain unchanged. However, I am likely to "fork" the game into two versions: a beginner's version, and a more skillful, but also more complicated, "expert" version. I will have this done by mid-August at latest.

I'm in New York and in the process of "mobilization"; that is, making the first steps toward realizing a permanent community of players for this game; while Ambition has been a success of design, it has been a promotional failure compared to its established potential. That I intend to change. I'll provide the details within the next five days.