October 08, 2006


Ambition will be launched online, with high probability, this fall. Beta testing is underway, and the pieces are rapidly coming together. I couldn't have done this without the help of Randy Ekl, so I want to publically thank him for his work on this project.

Remaining is the development of AI using some high-risk, high-potential-reward techniques including neural nets and, possibly, genetic algorithms. So far, we only have "dictated" AI: we tell the computer what to do using a nest of conditionals based on what we think is the right way to play. My goal-- and this is only the second time I've used advanced AI outside of school-- is, next, to develop "evolved" AI, with the potential to develop strategies and have "insights" that emerge without the influence of human expectations. Ahead is a very challenging and extremely exciting research project.

Note the 2d: I'm beginning development of a new boardgame-- a tile-placing game loosely inspired by the Efficient Market Hypothesis. (If this intimidates you, trust me that you need no financial or economic knowledge in order to enjoy this game.) It should be, for "heaviness" level, somewhere between Bohnanza and, the best boardgame of modern times, Tigris and Euphrates. (That's a wide interval, but this is a very new concept.) I'm looking for playtesters, so anyone who's interested in testing should contact me: mikechurch72 (72 as in Slam) at gmail.